The government could never build the massively

You just went to the Google homepage

This forces your calcium crystalline frame member to depress, compressing your saline filled lipid polymer foam skin against the keyboard. As you do this, you constantly measure the pressure against the lipid polymer walls to ensure you are not deforming your muscle cells too much or too little. Reality has inordinate replica designer handbags complexity. When humans build roads or build narratives or build websites, we are simplifying reality for ourselves and others, including other animals. A huge group of someones in aggregate understood what is going on. There is still no single expert who designed the system originally. I believe the Unix epoch is mentioned briefly.

It’s a logical continuance of the current state of affairs. Programmer archaeologists already exist. I’m curious: what is the best way to approach the bikeshedding issue?On the one hand, the people who recognize the issue tend to be technical. Most technical people probably want to build cool things instead of sit in Congress, knock on doors, or otherwise get involved. I’ve talked with engineers who despise legal proceedings so much they started trolling the lawyers in depositions. Honestly I’d rather build something cool than think for five hours about how to get people to care about patent law.

Eventually, it appears most jobs will be replaced either by computers or people who program them in the same way that most work from before the Industrial Revolution has been replaced by mechanical machines or literate and numerate fake designer bags people.”Non technical people” will be replaced by ones who don’t think of computers and programming as technology, any more than we do books and math. Programming magnifies individual task completion potential, allowing one person to accomplish through scripted automation what would otherwise require manual delegation. It’s not software that’s eating the world, it’s programming. [1] And world illiteracy has 1:1 replica handbags over halved since the Unix epoch, 43 years ago. [2]The only solution I see is to help spread “programmacy”.1.

As far as incentives for tech workers getting active, the recent spate of badly written legislation (SOPA, CISPA, etc) has been acting as a great motivator.

So before I was a lawyer I was an engineer, and most of my friends are still engineers. One of the things that I noticed then and still notice now is that tech people think they’re special. They think that their problems are somehow qualitatively different from all the other problems that society has ever faced. They are simultaneously optimists (we can build anything!) and pessimists (we have no hope of influencing the system!). They are both self centered (our things are the most important things!) and convinced of their own impotence (nobody cares about the things we do!). Indeed, this article exudes of “we’re special!”If tech people want a world with sensible tech laws, the first thing they have to do is internalize one simple fact: computer tech isn’t special. It’s no different, in the grand scheme of things, than petrochemical refining or agriculture. Ultimately, through (c) you can do (b). For example, a judge isn’t a domain expert in petro chemical refining either, but they make rulings on petro chemical refining all the time and it works more or less well. That’s because the system is structured so as to not require judges to be experts in everything. It is structured so people versed in a specific problem domain, be it petro chemical cheap louis vuitton bags from china refining or code, can explain in plain terms the moving parts of his case, and the judge, generally a highly intelligent person, can make decisions based on those explanations. And ultimately, through (c) you get to (a). The tech industry complains up and down about its inability to fight the “big money” of the media companies. movies and music industry put together are about $50 billion in domestic revenue per year, or equivalent to just Apple’s revenues in just one quarter. You’re telling me that the tech industry can’t fight the “big money” of an industry that’s a fraction of its size? Please! Another example: Apple’s revenues and profits are about the same as Goldman high quality designer replica handbags Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan Chase combined. Tech isn’t the skinny schoolboy getting picked on by the big kids it’s the behemoth. In a democracy, you can’t just sit around waiting for everyone else to realize how wonderful and special you are and legislate to further your interests. You have to integrate. You have to participate in the political process. You have to explain to policymakers the moving parts of your industry, and you have to convince the public to care about the things you care about. And you have to accept that the policy makers sometimes will not agree with you (because they’re balancing a broader array of interests than just your own), and you’ll have to accept that the public won’t necessarily buy into your worldview. Environmentalists have been incredibly successful considering there is very little money behind the movement, and that the people on the opposing side of the table are petro chemical giants, each of which are 2 10x as large as the entire domestic media industry that tech people think are too monied to be overcome. Yet they have been remarkably successful given those odds! Why? Because they don’t hole themselves up in ivory towers. They participate in the political process. They translate their value systems into things that perk up the ears of politicians (this environmental bill might cost a few jobs, but it will be more than made up for by the avoided health costs from the reduction in pollution!) Jobs, costs, etc. Those are things politicians care about, and indeed those are the things they’re elected to care about! Sometimes, they even fight dirty. They participate in the war that is living in a democratic society with competing factions.

I’d argue that software and digital technology are different from everything that the legal system has legislated on in the past because this is the first time we’ve been able to make 100% accurate copies for zero cost. (Ok , maybe not zero with the cost of electricity and storage, but essentially zero.) I also feel that the legal protections of the patent system, while perhaps not completely broken, are certainly not tuned to the realities of software development. Software is different.

We have had, for hundreds of years, technology that makes the cost of each marginal copy of a creative work some tiny percentage of what people are willing to pay for that work. Digital technology making that percentage even smaller doesn’t fundamentally change anything. We have a pervasive notion in our system that people are entitled to the “benefit of the bargain.” That is to say, people are entitled to profit from the difference in price people are willing to pay for something, based on supply and demand, and the marginal cost of producing that something. That’s why Apple can sell for $600 iPhones that cost only $207 to produce, or why Louis Vuitton can sell for thousands of dollars handbags that cost maybe $100 to produce. The marginal cost of production is irrelevant cheap louis vuitton bags from china , from the buyers viewpoint, in anything we buy. Example, the apple page flip animation. The effect is a simulation of a real world behavior (non novel), and the implementation details are very simple (given the hardware interfaces are mostly solved cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk , as are the computational logistics as problems solved). The hardware involved could certainly be patentable, as could the original implementations (now older than patents). If you can’t gain an advantage in software with a 5 year head start, you don’t deserve to win. That’s just how I feel about it.

I would agree that software is different in this way, but the difference is quantitative, not qualitative. Other industries have had low costs of reproduction, but this was coupled to a high cost of initial investment. With 3d printing and autonomous delivery vehicles we’re at the dawn of the softwarization of the material world. They cause more harm than they benefit. This is obvious for software, and eventually it will become obvious in all industries.

computer tech isn’t special. Ask someone if they understand petro chemical processing and they’ll probably say no, but ask if they understand computers and they might think they know a lot because they use one all the time. With driving the usability of everything up, we’ve also been pushing the idea that “it’s simple, really! Don’t be scared” and that’s worked wonders. I get frustrated when a confirmation email takes more than a few seconds replica louis vuitton bags to show up in gmail, how ludicrous is that? I replica louis vuitton handbags got annoyed when skype went blocky and the sound kinda crackled while talking to someone on the other side of the world for free, while on wifi. A lot of people have poured a huge amount of money into making it feel simpler, Apple are a great example of that. Maybe medicine? People might think it’s complicated for some things but there is a culture of ‘Just make the right type of pill, duh’. Over time this is likely to change, the trouble is how to mitigate it in the meantime.

“Media companies” is the wrong word to use I was talking about movies and music. I just don’t see the music and movie industry really leveraging the airtime they have. What they do have is excellent lobbying. My wife (former lobbyist) explained it to me thus: Hollywood and the record labels have convinced politicians that they stand for three things: 1) America; 2) jobs; 3) American jobs. is still globally dominant, and an industry that creates hundreds of thousands of jobs. They invested in this lobbying campaign early and have stuck to it adherently. And what’s the opposition to these American Job Creators? A bunch of internet nerds who want to be able to play DVD’s on Linux? There is no compelling counter narrative from the tech side here, just a bunch of handwaving and bellyaching about how much Chris Dodd makes from the RIAA. NBCUniversal owns NBC/MSNBC and Universal Studios, News Corp. owns Fox News and 20th Century Fox, CBS owns Columbia records, TimeWarner owns CNN and HBO and New Line Cinema, etc. But the latter are actually instances of The Little Guy, so they don’t have a huge organization that can pay to put ads on the television or lobby Congress. But that only works for the times when they’re on our side. Things like DMCA 1201 cause the greatest harm to the smallest companies. How do you get a million “internet nerds” to work together to make Congress understand the harm in the things they’re doing to us?

Define “lobbyist.” The term carries a very negative connotation in the tech world, but fundamentally a lobbyist is just an advocate. As a student, I worked at our school’s environmental advocacy clinic. We called up politicians, bureaucrats, the media, etc, to drum up support for our cause. People who can engage in the political process and translate from the value systems of the tech industry to the language politicians understand: jobs, growth, votes. That doesn’t have to mean huge campaign donations and a senator or two on the payroll (though those things help). There are probably 100x as many (number I pulled out of a hat) people championing environmental causes as there are people championing tech causes. I know a number of very qualified people who opted out of private practice to work at environmental non profits. Nearly every law school has an environmental law center where students participate in addressing local issues at the grass roots level (things as mundane as nagging the City of Chicago to do better lead testing for its municipal water). Meanwhile out of all the lawyers I know with technical backgrounds (which is actually quite a few), approximately zero went to a non profit to champion tech issues. There are some organizations that do great work on tech issues, like the EFF, but I’m not even joking when I say there are probably more environmental issues organizations in Chicago than there are tech issues organizations in the whole country.

I think the solutions simple: where traditional government oversight and legislation is ill equipped to understand the problems about which they’re legislating, they need to create a technocratic branch to further handle legislation where it seems a fit. Maybe simply wikitize legislation, allowing a very decentralized passing of legislation. And also because setting up a group of people whose stated purpose is to regulate something causes them to try to slowly regulate every part of it, even in cases where private ordering would lead to better outcomes. A huge part of the existing problem is instances where Congress doesn’t need to act but does anyway.

I don’t know how it is now, but when I graduated my understanding was that as long as your degree was in the general field, you were qualified to review the patent application. So a machine could be reviewed by someone with any engineering degree industrial, chemical,civil, etc. And my brother’s friend Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags a civil engineer used to periodically call me to ask me about some coding related patent. And I definitely a non hacker would always respond “that’s just a best practice. anyone who’s high quality replica handbags china had a few undergrad programming classes knows that. how can that be patentable”. Hopefully, it’s changed, but I wouldn’t count on it. Mainstream internet is 20 years old? Congress people should all be knowledgeable about it in 10 or 20 years. There is a reason the two main smartphone platforms have completely won out over the older stuff. The government could never build the massively complex system described by OP, and regulation would have killed it quickly (probably by cementing an AT duopoly in technology).

Wow, it’s easy to forget how much complexity there is, even for a technologist. This post reminds me to step back and appreciate everything that’s going on under the hood. I think replica louis vuitton the reason Steve Jobs’ death impacted people more than Dennis Ritchie’s is that Jobs was taken in his prime. There’s hope in the Arduino crowd, but blinking LEDs isn’t even putting the training wheels on the bike. However being able to work from a laptop anywhere I want instead of being stuck in a test lab with bus analyzers, scopes, data analyzers and bond out emulators booping all around me is a nicer lifestyle I’ll have to admit. Embedded vendor toolchains and hardware bugs are a dream in comparison!At least that is my experience coming from an embedded programming background and now five years working on deep DOM foo. Slowly poisoning my brain with browser crud. Unfortunately business reasons often lead to choosing the browser as a delivery platform regardless of its numerous downsides 😥

Totally agree. Being embedded usually means long hours in labs next to machinery that’s half working and half smoking. You also don’t get bean bags and foosball tables. I’m going to spend all Spring arguing with a customer to spend the extra $5 on their bill of materials to use a better processor that I won’t have to band aid aaa replica designer handbags 3 years from now when the current one goes obsolete or can’t handle what I know their roadmap involves. This a $10,000 product with 500 EAU. That’s $2500 retail.

I don’t think we’ll ever see something like the Arduino IDE for more advanced systems. The project may begin with a generic setup like Arduino or Beagle or Rpi, but at the end it’s a totally unique animal. There’s no way any graphic or assisted design environment is going to be able to handle it all.

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